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K9 Search Services for Law Enforcement and Professional Search Agencies
Willa and Matthew work a roof in Slidell, LA following Hurricane Katrina

K9 SEARCH is a professional search team founded by Matthew McDermott and Brendon Wilson. The mission of the team is to support and assist Law Enforcement and professional search organizations with K9 resources, planning and education. K9 Search has worked with the San Antonio Police Department, Lakeway Police Department, Bexar County Sheriffs Department and the FBI on numerous missions. Although based in Austin, K9 Search has participated on search missions throughout Texas, Louisiana and Florida. The goal of the missions range from body recovery, clandestine grave detection, evidence recovery and primary investigation to establish probable cause for a search warrant.

Matthew McDermott - K9 Willa
Matthew is a certified NASAR SARTech II. Matt and Willa are a Certified NASAR K9 SARTech III and IV team.

Brendon Wilson - K9 Oso
Brendon is a certified NASAR SARTech II. Bren is currently training Oso in obedience and preparing him for Human Remains Detection.


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