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K9 Search Services for Law Enforcement and Professional Search Agencies
Matt and Willa working the I10 frontage in Slidell, LA

We are very proud of our dogs. Our enthusiasm and eagerness to talk about Search Dogs, Search and Rescue and volunteerism is evident in our presentations and demonstrations. If you are interested in having a handler and dog visit your school, business or organization, let us know. We offer several types of presentations of various lengths and they are always tailored to the age of the audience.

Search Dogs

We discuss how we raise and train our search dogs. We discuss various training techniques specific to Search and Rescue and the many types of training scenarios that should be considered when preparing a dog for SAR work. When presented to law enforcement and EMS personnel we also discuss considerations for calling out a K9 team and other professional considerations when working with SAR K9s.

Staying Found

This program is suited to children, young adults and their parents. This presentation discusses preparations that you can make before venturing out to be sure you are ready for a search emergency. We discuss what to do if you find that you are lost and how to stay safe. We review how search emergencies are handled and how search dogs do their job. This presentation is perfectly suited to scout groups preparing for the summer camping season.


We are certified to teach the award winning Hug-A-Tree program. Based on a true story this multi-media presentation tells the story of a lost boy and how the things that he does, both right and wrong, impact his unexpected overnight stay in the woods.


K9 Search Austin was called to Louisiana in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This multimedia presentation discusses the highs and lows of the experience through pictures taken during the search mission.


As volunteers ourselves we are eager to share our experiences. We love to talk about the role of volunteers in building community and self confidence. Our message is simple, no matter your age or physical ability; everyone has the ability and capacity to help others through volunteerism.

Dog Training

We are always eager to talk to groups interested in dog training. We talk about our training methods and the troubleshooting process that we use to work through training scenarios. This presentation discusses the various methods and motivators that we use to keep our dogs prepared.

What we need to know

There is no charge for our presentations, though donations are always appreciated. In addition to the time and date of the presentation we need to know how long you want us to talk, the topic, and logistical information like parking, the size of the room or outdoor location, the size and age range of the audience. Send all this information to info@k9search.org.

Contact us: info@k9search.org
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