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What is Willa's Personality Like?

This morning we are embarking (pun intended) on a new project that we are very excited about. Here is the jist:

Our team has been "adopted" by a 5th grade class in Slidell, LA. They are asking us a Question of the Week and we are responding with video. The goal is to engage the kids and help them to understand how "Acts of Random Kindness" can make a difference. This morning the class will view our Premier video response.

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We will also update our status on Twitter. You can follow us @K9SearchAustin.

We intend to produce one response per week for the school year, this is a very ambitious project, but we are really excited. (Though my Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Bren Wilson is doing the hard work!)

Thanks for your support!

Contact us: info@k9search.org
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